New guide to improve safety of road workers and users in the NT


The Austroads Guide to Temporary Traffic Management (AGTTM) has now launched nationally and details contemporary temporary traffic management practice for application in Australia and New Zealand.

The AGTTM provides guidance for the planning, design and implementation of safe, economical and efficient temporary traffic management designs. The Guide recognises the level of variability of the road environments across Australia.

The guidance provided in the AGTTM is intended to encourage a consistent level of practice that supports safety for road workers, motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. It applies to all works on and near roads, in addition to off road development, and other activities that interact with and impact on the road environment.

The AGTTM has been developed based on best practice temporary traffic management practice in Australia and New Zealand, to assist road authorities to meet their existing legislative responsibilities for workplace and public safety.

For more information, visit Austroads website.

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