Creating Jobs: Batchelor Airport Master Plan Released


The Northern Territory Government has released a Master Plan for Batchelor Airport, which will transform the existing airstrip into an aviation hub, creating jobs and supporting a range of commercial general aviation activities into the future.

Since WWII Batchelor Airport has been a thriving centre of aviation activity.

Today, the existing role of the Batchelor Airport in the greater Darwin region is supporting general aviation, including recreational parachuting and gliding clubs, charter flights for a number of NT communities and is a centre for aircraft maintenance.

This Master Plan identifies potential options for sustainably and progressively growing the area into an aviation hub, whilst also putting in place arrangements to maintain, operate and manage the airport as a business opportunity.

The future development of Batchelor Airport will be broken into three stages:

  • Stage 1 of the Master Plan has a 10-year horizon for upgrades to the airport and provision of commercial hangar facilities;
  • Stage 2 and 3 will include incremental expansion of facilities to accommodate aircraft parking, movements and an increased number of hangar sites.

The Batchelor Airport is estimated to support up to 30 jobs in Batchelor. The expansion and establishment of new general aviation activity and aviation support businesses is likely to contribute further to economic growth and significance to the Batchelor Airport and Town.

Works that are part of the Master Plan have already begun such as creation of a new apron and taxiway which is expected to be completed in 2019, building on previous works in 2018 to formalise and seal the access road into the Airport and construct a car park.

For more information go to the Batchelor Airport Master Plan page.

Batchelor Airport Project

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