Upgrades to Bullita Access Road


Work to upgrade Bullita Access Road, 10km south of Timber Creek, is about to commence and when complete will provide safe and improved access to the Victoria Highway for local communities, pastoralists and tourists.

The $900 000 upgrade project is being undertaken by local contractor Hi-Spec Civil Equipment Pty Ltd and includes construction of six inverts at various locations along the 49km unsealed gravel road, including the Sandy Creek crossing.

Bullita Road is the Gilwi outstation residents’ only access to the Victoria Highway and to education and medical facilities at Timber Creek.

Each year during the wet season the road becomes boggy and impassable due to poor drainage and results in extended periods of closure which impacts on Gilwi community residents. Local children are unable to attend school and an annual wet season evacuation of children and the elderly occurs.

The construction of inverts will significantly reduce annual closure and vehicle weight limit restriction time allowing children and the elderly to remain at home during and after the wet season period.

This project is part of the Roads to Recovery (R2R) Programme which is fully funded by the Australian Government.

The Northern Territory Government has been allocated $42.041 million over five years to fund projects under the Roads to Recovery Programme.
bullita access road
bullita access road

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