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Keep up to date with the latest news releases on the history and progress of the recommendations of the Katherine and Darwin Regions Flood Mitigation Advisory Committees.

Rapid Creek Flood Mitigation

The Northern Territory Government is working towards alleviating localised flooding.  Residents living in the flood affected areas are reminded that flooding of the Rapid Creek catchment can occur when heavy rain combined with high tides causes flood water to back up into the creek and flood low-lying properties. For further information, read the fact sheet (517.1 kb).

Marrara Detention Basin PFAS Update

The Marrara Detention Basin is part of the Rapid Creek Flood Mitigation program of works, to be constructed on the corner of McMillans Road and Henry Wrigley Drive. As a requirement of the NTEPA, due to the proximity of the site to the Rapid Creek corridor and the Marrara Fire Station, testing for the presence of Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) has been undertaken on this site. The results of the testing has determined the soils within the Marrara Detention Basin site contains trace levels of PFAS which are significantly below the Health Based Guidance Values for PFAS. To view the interim results, refer to the below documents.

Katherine River Corridor Weed Management Plan

In 2015, the Katherine Region Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee recommended the Northern Territory Government and Katherine Town Council assess the Katherine River’s drainage system to improve river flow, including weed control.  A  Katherine River Corridor Weed Management Plan has been developed in consultation with the Katherine Town Council and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Weed Management Branch.  For further information, read the fact sheet (8.2 mb).

Katherine Town Centre Retail and Commercial Analysis Report

In 2015, the Katherine Region Flood mitigation advisory committee commissioned an economic assessment by MacroPlan Dimasi to inform the consideration of a commercial center outside of the flood zone. Read the Katherine Retail and Commercial Analysis Report (764.2 kb).

Katherine, Darwin and Alice Springs Flood Mitigation Reports

The Katherine and Darwin Regional Draft Flood Mitigation Reports were released for public comment over a four week period which closed on 11 June 2015.

The Alice Springs Draft Flood Mitigation Report was released for public comment over a four week period during June and July 2016.

Thank you to all residents and businesses who provided feedback. All comments, feedback and submissions were taken into consideration for the final reports.

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