Who’s your Sober Bob?

The Sober Bob campaign aims to reduce and prevent alcohol-related road trauma on Territory roads. Sober Bob has been operating in the NT since 1997 and is highlighted each year in the lead-up to Christmas.

Many licensed bars, restaurants, clubs and bottle shops across the NT promote Sober Bob all year round.

Who's Your Sober Bob? is a long-running campaign that encourages Territorians not to drink and drive, and plan how they will get home safely before they go out.

It is supported by pubs, clubs and businesses across the NT.

Organise a Sober Bob

Sober Bob doesn't have to be a mate you're out with. They just have to be someone sober who is willing to get you home. Sober Bob is about planning who it will be before you go out.

 Sober Bob can be:

  • a taxi driver
  • a bus driver
  • a mum, brother or sister or other family member
  • a mate.

Sober Bob in the media

Recording Artists, Actors and Athletes against Drink Driving (RADD) have promoted the NT and Sober Bob through TV and radio ads.

Watch the TV ads on Youtube

You can listen to the RADD radio ads in mp3 format:

Other drink-driving media campaigns

12.7 Seconds to Stop: The Donald MacLean Story

12.7 Seconds to Stop: The Donald MacLean Story is a 28 minute production hosted by Ray Martin. It tells the story of Donald MacLean, a 22 year old Darwin footballer who was killed on 7 April 2006 when a car ran a red light and crashed into the vehicle Don was a passenger in. His death and his story could easily become that of any family in Australia, where more than a thousand people die on our roads each year. View the production on the RADD YouTube channel.

RADD - Recording Artists, Actors and Athletes against drink driving

RADD have promoted Northern Territory and Sober Bob road safety through several television and radio commercials. See the television commercials on the RADD YouTube Channel.

Last updated: 18 April 2016