Technical Records Drawing Number Request - building

Do not apply for Drawing Numbers until the following has occurred

  • PM Confirms project status and funding
  • Design Review for Building reaches 75% or Civil reaches 90%
  • Sheet quantities are nominally known
Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
e.g Moil, Yulara, Victoria Highway
Do not use abbreviations or acronyms
Request more numbers than you need: a sheet buffer, Unused numbers can be acquitted later, (inform Technical Records).
Do not use spaces or dashes in the Project Number e.g TED12345 (NOT the tender number eg T15-12345)
e.g T19-2407
AIS BAMS e.g 00123, 00055b1a. Building Assets:
Ensure there are no spaces in the email address including at the end.
Acknowledgement *

Last updated: 14 May 2019