Palmerston Police Station



The Northern Territory Government is improving safety in the Palmerston and surrounding areas through building a new police facility on the corner of Temple Terrace and Farrah Boulevard.

The new Palmerston Police Station will provide Palmerston and rural residents with a modern policing facility that will accommodate the region’s needs for effective contemporary policing for at least the next 30 years.

The police facility will:

  • include a new Police Station and Watch House which will provide 24 hour police services for the Palmerston and regional area
  • enable up to 200 police to deliver key policing outcomes into the future in this growth area and will provide a more central physical presence than the existing police station to demonstrate a strong police presence
  • include a secure front counter, multiple meeting/ interview rooms and a waiting area with toilets and shower
  • a new Emergency Response Operations Centre, providing Emergency Services a dedicate location to services the Palmerston region.


Cost - $30 million
Project commencement - May 2018
Estimated completion - mid-2019

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Concept image of the new Palmerston Police Station


Project Manager: Lionel Rosenberg
Phone: 0429 236 743

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Facility features

Construction of the new facility includes:

  • earthworks removal and filling to create building platforms and pavement
  • construction of a:
    • 3 level police station building, that includes an Emergency Response Operations Centre
    • watch house building incorporating a central chiller plant
    • community hall
    • services building
    • covered parking areas
  • installation fencing, gates, signs, pathways, flag poles and other external features
  • installation and modification of pavements and kerbing
  • earth works and installation of efficient stormwater drainage systems
  • installation of essential services such as power, water, sewer and communications
  • landscaping.

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Last updated: 20 October 2019