Heat Mitigation Trial - Zones 1 to 5



The Northern Territory Government is trialling a series of initiatives that will help reduce the impact of heat in our tropical city and rejuvenate Darwin’s CBD.

A heat mapping study undertaken in the Darwin CBD demonstrated high level surface temperatures exceeding 60 degrees in a few locations, including Cavenagh Street.

Over an 18 month period, five zones of heat mitigation methods will be trialled along Cavenagh Street, between Bennett and Knuckey Streets.


Cost - $5 million (Total)
Project commencement - May 2018
Estimated completion - November 2019



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More information

Zone 1

Intersection upgrade

  • New turning lane
  • New landscaping
  • New pedestrian shade structures at each corner
  • New vine growth to the boundary fence of corner vacant block
  • Works completed in Zone 1 are being managed and delivered by the City of Darwin and complement the heat mitigation trial.

Zone 2

Construction of a shade structure

  • Construction of new light-weight framed structure to enable vegetation growth for shade
  • Removal of the existing central median strips
  • Misting to the underside of the structure will help improve thermal comfort
  • New up lighting at central vine locations
  • Power and water connections in median strip to allow for future events, such as markets
  • Vine planter and irrigation in central median
  • Clearance for vehicles and re alignment of parking; and
  • Landscaping

Zone 3

Cool Surface Treatments/Small Shade Structures

  • Two new pedestrian / shared zone crossings to align with the existing arcades
  • New cool, reflective pavement coating to road surface between the crossings; and
  • Standalone shade structures on both sides of pedestrian crossings. Note: car parking numbers are not affected due to new angle of parking

Zone 4

Relocatable Planters

  • A combination of established trees in large relocatable planters, and smaller vegetation planters to provide up to 20 per cent canopy cover
  • Informal pedestrian nodes such as seating and shaded waiting areas; and
  • New landscaped traffic islands to provide shade to car parking and passively slow vehicle movements. Note: car parking numbers are not affected due to new angle of parking.

Zone 5

Intersection Upgrade at corner of Knuckey and Cavenagh Streets

  • Two new established shade trees on intersection corners where there are currently none; and
  • A new cool, reflective crossing surface.
  • As part of this project, government have investigated options to increase parking capacity along Cavenagh Street. By increasing the current parking angle 10 degrees, there will be an additional 3 parking spaces, providing 117 parking spaces between Bennett and Knuckey Streets.

Last updated: 20 October 2019