Youth Justice Centre

The Northern Territory Government has released the design tender for a Youth Justice centre in Darwin.

The tender will include delivery of the design of new safe and secure accommodation for up to 30 young people at any one time plus overflow capacity.

The centre must provide unobtrusive and discreet physical and electronic security while achieving the highest standard of safety and security for young people, staff, visitors and the community.

The selected preferred site for the Darwin facility is at Pinelands. This land is currently zoned General Industry (GI). The necessary planning approvals will be required for rezoning and subdivision to allow for the site to be developed as proposed. Both of these processes include a statutory public comment process which will invite feedback.

This development will carefully consider the safety and security of this area and may potentially open up further adjoining land for light industrial use, providing additional business opportunities in the future.

You will be kept informed throughout the process and informed of the exhibition period for the development approvals and rezoning.

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Pinelands Youth Justice Centre Q&As

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Q) What consultation was undertaken in the development of the design brief?

Q) What are the expected timelines for the design of these projects?

Q) What was the outcome of the public meeting convened by concerned Pinelands business owners?

Q) What will happen to property values in Pinelands as a result of the development?

Q) How will this site be made more secure than the existing sites?

Q) How do I find out more information?

Last updated: 07 November 2018