Palmerston Police Station

The Northern Territory Government is improving safety in the Palmerston and surrounding areas through building a new $30 million police facility on the corner of Temple Terrace and Farrah Boulevard.


The new Palmerston Police Station will provide Palmerston and rural residents with a modern policing facility that will accommodate the region’s needs for effective contemporary policing for at least the next 30 years.

The police facility will:

  • Include a new Police Station and Watch House which will provide 24 hour police services for the Palmerston and regional area.
  • Enable up to 200 police to deliver key policing outcomes into the future in this growth area and will provide a more central physical presence than the existing police station to demonstrate a strong police presence.
  • Include a secure front counter, multiple meeting/ interview rooms and a waiting area with toilets and shower.
  • A new Emergency Response Operations Centre, providing Emergency Services a dedicate location to servces the Palmerston region

Project timeline

Construction of the new facility has commenced and is anticipated to be completed in mid-2019.

About the project

Construction of the new facility includes:

  • Earthworks removal and filling to create building platforms and pavement
  • Construction of a
    • 3 level Police Station Building, that includes an Emergency Response Operations Centre
    • Watch House Building incorporating a central chiller plant
    • Community Hall
    • Services Building
    • Covered Parking Areas
  • Installation fencing, gates, signs, pathways, flag poles and other external features
  • Installation and modification of pavements and kerbing
  • Earth works and installation of efficient stormwater drainage systems
  • Installation of essential services such as power, water, sewer and communications
  • Landscaping.

Concept image of the new Palmerston Police Station

Current Work and impact

Over the next few months, earthworks will take place to enable the installation of essential services and the stormwater drainage system and construct the building platforms.

During the works there will be an increase of noise and dust around the work site. Measures to mitigate this have been adopted and regular monitoring will take place to ensure they are in line with the approved environmental plan.

For the duration of the project there will be an increase of traffic in the Farrah area and the Palmerston Health Precinct overflow car park will experience periods of minor disruption.

A Stakeholder Notice (678.1 kb) is now available for download.


Queries can be directed to the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics’ Project Manager Lionel Rosenberg on 0429 236 743 or email

Last updated: 29 May 2018