Victoria Highway – Little Horse and Big Horse Creek Crossings and Road Upgrades

An upgrade of bridges on the Victoria Highway will bring the roadway to a National Highway standard, improve flood immunity and access to the area and improve the road link between the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

The project is located on the Victoria Highway about 300 km west of Katherine near the township of Timber Creek.

As part of the project the existing bridges at Big Horse and Little Horse creeks will be replaced with higher level bridges, raised road approaches and culverts at low points.

The project is valued at $35.5 million and is jointly funded by the Australian and Northern Territory governments. It is part of the National Highway Upgrade Programme – Infrastructure Investment  Programme.

The project scope includes;

  • Construction of two bridges and road approaches between chainage 294km to 296.5km at Big and Little Horse creeks which include culverts at low points to the east of the bridges.
  • Safety upgrades to the intersections at the Big Horse Camp ground and the Bradshaw Field Training area.
  • Demolition of the existing bridges..

The new bridges will be constructed alongside the existing road within the existing road corridor.

To ensure the safety of the public and workers, traffic management controls will be in place during the project.


The Victoria Highway provides the only sealed link between the Northern Territory and Western Australia providing a critical link in the Perth to Darwin National Corridor.

Big Horse and Little Horse creeks are tributaries of the Victoria River and when in flood the highway is closed at both these crossings on average for 96 hours annually.

The project aims to achieve a 1-in-20-year flood immunity consistent with other new crossings on the Victoria Highway; and reduce the Annual Average Time of Closure to less than 12 hours at the crossings.

On completion of works, increased year round accessibility for the pastoral, agricultural and transport industries, tourism and local users on the National Highway will be realised.

This section of the Victoria Highway forms part of the main route to the Bulla and Amanbidji communities, and is utilised by the Bradshaw Defence facility in the vicinity.

Project timeline

Construction began in July 2017 and completion is expected in June 2019 (weather dependent).

A temporary earth stockpile has been pre-loaded onto the new alignment during August 2018 for a 9 month consolidation period to achieve a firm foundation on the compressible riverine soils.

Location map

Horse Creek bridges indicative work location


Construction progress image September 2018

Bradshaw Bridge during 2008 Flood - Adjacent Little Horse Bridge

Image shows impact on Bradshaw Bridge during 2008 flood. Adjacent is existing Little Horse Bridge.

Big Horse - 3D image

Image shows 3D depiction of design for Big Horse Bridge


Allan King & Sons Construction Pty Ltd was awarded the contract to deliver this project.


You can contact Jay Brewster-O'Brien, the project manager, either by:
phone: (08) 8999 4835
email: jay.brewster-o'

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July 2017 Stakeholder Factsheet (413.5 kb) Works commencing

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