Tiger Brennan Drive duplication: Woolner to Berrimah Road

During construction of the Tiger Brennan Drive Duplication traffic management will be in place for the safety of road users and construction workers. The project team is working hard to keep disruptions to a minimum, however speed restrictions and delays will be required at times to allow safe movement of heavy vehicles in and out of the construction site. Although it may appear at times as though a lower speed limit is in place when nothing is happening, this is about safety for everyone and is required so that the heavy vehicles can move onto Tiger Brennan Drive on their way to other areas of the site. For the safety of our workers and all road users, please take care in the area and follow all traffic management direction and signage.


The Tiger Brennan Drive Duplication from Woolner Road to Berrimah Road is jointly funded by the Australian and Northern Territory Governments, valued at $88 million.

$103 million has been contributed since 2013 towards the duplication of Tiger Brennan Drive (including Dinah Beach to Woolner Road).


The project will contribute to:

  • improving traffic flow and easing congestion during peak hours
  • making travel from Darwin to Palmerston and rural area quicker
  • relieving pressure on arterial roads including the Stuart Highway
  • improving safety for traffic entering TBD and pedestrian movements at intersections
  • improving productivity and investment opportunities for local businesses.

Project timeline

Construction on the project began in December 2014.  All traffic was moved across to the newly duplicated alignment between Woolner Road and Berrimah Road in late July 2016. Minor works will continue along the alignment until end of September 2016 to finalise the project.  

Project scope

This project duplicates the existing Tiger Brennan Drive carriageway between Berrimah Road and Woolner Road. It includes the construction of an additional bridge at Hidden Valley, a shared user path for cyclists and pedestrians and four major intersection upgrades.

The project has been designed to improve safety and connectivity. It also caters for long term growth and increases capacity on Tiger Brennan Drive as development in Palmerston and surrounding areas accelerates.

Local industry has the opportunity to register their interest in the project through the NT Industry and Capability Network who will promote tender opportunities in relation to the project.

Hours of work/traffic management

Traffic management will be in place for the duration of the project to ensure the safety of workers and all road users. Variable message boards will be positioned around the area of works to provide project updates, detour directions and advise of speed restrictions.

Construction will generally be undertaken from 7am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 7am to 1pm on Saturdays. Work during peak hours will be restricted to minimise disruption and occasional night work may occur in non-residential areas.

For any queries about the project, please contact media.dipl@nt.gov.au or call 0437 868 115.

Innovative approach to earthworks

The Tiger Brennan Drive duplication project utilised innovative, efficient machinery known as a 'surface miner' to carry out the removal of hard rock. Unlike traditional methods, the surface miner uses a rotating drum featuring rock cutting teeth to grind the rock material and convey directly into trucks for removal in a single pass.

Currently in use in more than 75 countries around the world, this is the first time a surface miner have been used in the Northern Territory for a road project.

Carrying out each step as part of a single process, the surface miner eliminates the need to carry out major drilling and blasting activities. This allows major earthwork to be undertaken much more quickly and efficiently than is possible using traditional excavation methods. By reducing noise and vibration, the surface miner is an environmentally friendly technology and greatly reduces the impact on the community.

The ease of set-up and relocation means that the surface miner is ideally suited for use across a wide range of work areas throughout the nine kilometre-long Tiger Brennan Drive Duplication project site.

Out-of-hours work

The Department of Infrastructure is committed to regular communication throughout construction to ensure that the community, travelling public and impacted stakeholders are well aware of works in advance.

Managing contractor

The Managing Contractor contract was awarded to BMD Constructions Pty Ltd.

BMD has operated in Darwin for 18 years and during this time BMD has successfully promoted local industry growth, supporting local suppliers and subcontractors including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander specifically the Larrakia People in the Darwin region, residents of Darwin, and the broader Northern Territory.

In 2015, BMD injected $69.17 million into the Darwin and Northern Territory economy through 237 local businesses.

BMD currently directly employs 140 staff in Darwin. As BMD neither owns machinery nor employs operators, the project will distribute business broadly amongst the community by providing a range of subcontracting opportunities.

For more detailed information on the project, please see attached brochure (3.4 mb).


Latest news

August 2

All traffic has now been switched over to travel on the new duplicated alignment between Berrimah Road and Woolner Road.  Works will still be ongoing on Benison Road and are anticipated to be finalised by the end of August 2016. Final completion works will continue to be undertaken at the Woolner Road intersection, expected to be completed by the end of September 2016. Traffic access to this intersection will be maintained throughout.

Minor works along the completed new section will also continue to be completed after the switch to dual alignment, with traffic access maintained.

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