Dundee Beach boat ramp upgrades

Dundee Beach boat ramp is one of the Top End’s most popular boat ramps and will be upgraded by the Northern Territory Government at cost of $4.5 million (exclusive GST) to improve access. The existing rock groyne at the Dundee Beach boat ramp is unable to provide safe protection for boat launching.


  • Replace and improve the existing boat ramp and protective groyne
  • Improve facilities for recreational boating at Dundee with year round launch access

Project timeline

Works start:  Monday 20 June 2016

Works complete:  December 2016

Current works

Works started on Wednesday 7 June 2016.  At this stage of works, the boat ramp will operate as normal, with a temporary boat ramp to be installed at a later date. Boat ramp users will notice an increase in construction activity and should take care when using the boat ramp.

Project scope

Works involve:

  • A new re-aligned 80 metre concrete boat ramp will be constructed alongside the new extended rock groyne
  • A new larger rock groyne is to be constructed
  • Re-profiling of the beach, and moving of significant build-up of sand moved south and away from the ramp with the natural ocean current
  • Proposed future works for the car park is in planning stage

Dundee boat ramp works map 


You can contact Matt Phillips, senior project manager by either:

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Dundee beach boat ramp

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