Northern Territory steel industry stimulus package

The Northern Territory Government will bring forward work valued at $5 million as a stimulus package to support our local steel fabrication and galvanising industry. Tenders will be released in December 2016 and January 2017 and will be configured to distribute small packages of work across the industry.

The projects will benefit the community as well as local businesses by providing higher standard facilities at sporting venues, parks and wildlife infrastructure to help keep the community safe and improving the visitor experience at popular leisure spots.

This work is part of the Government’s new infrastructure plan and is targeted towards local steel fabricators who employ Territorians.

The work will be separated into small packages to ensure local businesses have the opportunity to win work and to encourage the work to be spread across the industry.

Tenders will specify that where the supply, fabrication or galvanising of steel is specified in the tender, tenderers must include a price for these components from local Northern Territory businesses.

The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics has consulted with the Manufacturers Council of the Northern Territory and the Industry Capability Network (ICN) Northern Territory to discuss how the work packages can be released in a way that allows local businesses equal opportunity to bid for work.

The projects will be targeted at local businesses, which must ensure they are registered with the ICN NT to bid for work.

Local businesses keen to bid for work are urged to ensure that they are properly registered as soon as possible so that they can participate in an expression of interest process which will begin in coming weeks. 

For more information on how to join the ICN NT, visit the ICN Northern Territory

The steel projects will include;

Bus Shelters

  • Steel focused bus shelters

Crocodile Traps

  •  30 Crocodile traps at locations across Northern Territory

Shade structures for Parks and Wildlife and Sport and Recreation facilities

  • Various shade structures across Darwin, Palmerston, Alice Springs, Katherine and Tennant Creek for Sport and Recreation facilities
  • Various shade shelters in Parks and Wildlife facilities across the Territory
  • Larapinta Trail shade shelters

Parks and Wildlife other facilities

  • Picnic tables 
  • BBQs 
  • Bike Racks
  • Equipment shelters
  • Mountain Bike track bollards
  • Fabricated fencing

Last updated: 26 March 2018