Leviathan Creek Crossing

Works are complete on the upgrade to the Leviathan Creek Crossing on Fog Bay Road.

This project was funded by the Northern Territory Government involved the construction of a 14.5m two lane bridge, earthworks and road realignment aimed at improving the flood immunity of this crossing.


The project has contributed to improving the flood immunity of the Leviathan Creek Crossing to similar levels as the other crossings in the area.

Project timeline

The project was completed 20 July 2016.

Current works

No work is presently taking place on the crossing, it is open and operational.

Leviathan creek crossing open 

Project scope

The work involved:

  • construction of a single span bridge length of 14.5m for two lanes across the Leviathan Creek
  • construction and seal of 1.5 km section of Fog Bay Road including all earthworks and drainage works
  • rehabilitation of the existing road.


You can contact Jay Brewster-O'Brien, senior project manager - bridge section, on either:

Last updated: 28 November 2017